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Join FX Market Masters APRIL

03/21/2012 07:42

Join FX Market Masters APRIL

FX Market Masters APRIL – FXOpen’s new monthly Forex trading contest. Register until April 8th! The contest will be held between 9th April and 4th May, 2012. The winner gets $1020 and an opportunity to continue live trading in an FXOpen PAMM ECN account!

To spice up the contest FXOpen continues to offer more bonuses for participants - all traders who manage to increase their starting balance by 45% or more, will receive real money bonuses to their live FXOpen accounts! As usual, registration for the contest is free and all prizes and bonuses are real money, that winners can withdraw or use for live trading. This makes ForexCup trading competitions a perfect way to build up the starting capital for a live account without initial investments!

Competition rules are simple. At the start of the contest, each participant gets a demo account with $5000 starting balance. All you have to do is trade and make as much profit as you can! The trader whose profit is the largest wins the contest. What is more, the TOP 3 traders get real money prizes from FXOpen + a bonus (equal to 1% of the profit made).
For example, if a trader makes $10000 profit, the bonus will be equal to $100.

Please, note that limitations apply:

  • Bonus amount paid to a single trader cannot be more than $250.
  • To withdraw the bonus, the trader must make at least 20 trades in the live account (each trade must be open for 10 minutes or more). If the trader meets this requirement, he can withdraw the bonus after 30 calendar days, from the date when it was paid.
  • The total amount of bonuses, paid to all traders in the competition cannot be more than $2500. If the total amount of bonuses is more than $2500, bonuses will be decreased proportionally, based on the difference between the actual total bonus amount and $2500.


For example, if the total amount of bonuses to be paid to all traders in this competition equals $3000, the total bonus amount will be decreased by $500 ($3000-$2500=$500).
Example 1. Let’s say, Trader A was supposed to receive $100 as a bonus. ($100 is 1/30th from $3000). In this case the bonus will be decreased by $16.66 (500∙1/30=$16.66). So, the bonus for Trader A will be equal to 100$-$16.66 =$83.33.
Example 2. Trader B was supposed to receive $50 as a bonus, (50$ – is 1/60th from $3000) the bonus will be decreased by 500/60=$8.33, and will be equal to $50-$8.33=$41.66.

Registration for the contest is open until April 8, 2012..

Contest will be held between April 9 and March 4, 2012.

Click here to join! (you must be logged in with your registered e-mail and MyFXOpen password).

*Important! All prizes are withdrawable. Meaning that you can withdraw the prize via any of the payment systems available in MyFXOpen personal back-office area. To withdraw the bonuses, traders must meet certain requirements (see above).

How to join the contest (step-by-step instruction)

Follow the competition discussion at FXOpen Forum.

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