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FXOpen new partnership program is a steady income in the Forex market without risk and investment!

FXOpen offers partnership programs to fit every taste: for newbies and experienced partners, individuals and legal entities, financial companies and banks, money managers and investors.

Flexible remuneration system along with a loyalty program allow partners to build up a steady source of income by actively promoting FXOpen services and landing new customers. Our highly professional managers will help you come up with the best partnership plan to maximize your partnership commissions.

The structure of partnership remuneration is flexible but simple and depends on the number of referred clients, as well as their trading volumes. The more clients there are and the more they trade, the higher yield you receive as a partner.

use the referral link to land customers and benefit from their trades

become our introducing broker and get an individual partnership remuneration plan

act as an FXOpen representative in your region and profit from bringing new clients to FXOpen

set up your own brokerage employing FXOpen solutions and technologies

for newbie partners;

for active social network users;

for all FXOpen clients.

for owners of Forex-related and financial web-sites;

for bloggers and forum moderators;

for partners with a client base of their own.

to create regional representative offices;

for partners with a sizeable base of clients and agents;

for partners willing to operate under the FXOpen brand.

for banks and financial organizations;

for brokers;

for individuals willing to start private business on Forex through FXOpen technologies.

Key Features of FXOpen’s Partnership Program:

Loyalty - the agent’s commission increases in proportion to trading volumes of the referrals. The agent’s loyalty and rewards increase as clients make higher volumes of trades.

Multilevel - 3-tier level agent remuneration has been implemented. The agent gets commission not only from the trades made by his/her direct referrals, but also from the 2nd level referrals (traders introduced by his/her direct referrals) and even 3rd level referrals (traders introduced by his/her 2nd level referrals)!

Partnership Program for PAMM Accounts - agents, bringing in investors and managers to PAMM accounts, will be entitled to a certain commission. The commission amount depends on the referral’s share in a PAMM account.

Get more information on Commission Limits.

Interested in FXOpen partnership program? Contact our partnership manager for more information and get optimal conditions for cooperation!

Expand your revenues while offering your clients one of the best level of service and support available in the market.

FXOpen Introducing Broker Program allows individuals or entities to receive compensation for directing new clients to FXOpen.

Refer new self-directed or managed account clients to FXOpen and earn a steady stream of compensation. In return, we are committed to delivering the highest levels of service and a quality product offering to help you grow your business.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You earn 1 pip from your referrals’ trades on Micro and Standard accounts (if profit/loss is + or - 4 pips minimum)
  • You earn 5% of our commission for ECN account
  • Commission will be added automatically to your account on a daily basis
  • All information about your referrals and commissions earned you can monitor in your back-office – “My FXOpen”


As an Introducing Broker, you and your clients will benefit from:

Most popular trading platform MetaTrader 4 with first ever access to true ECN environment

Our trading platform provides clients with quality execution capabilities as well as advanced and easy-to-use order entry and position management tools, all in a secure and robust environment. A full suite of decision support tools, from charting to research, news and more, are also available to clients free of charge.

Account types for all levels of experience

Your clients will be able to choose from a variety of services tailored according to their experience level and risk tolerance. Our flagship product, ECN Account, is ideal for experienced traders. Our retail products, Standard and Micro accounts, are best suited for individual investors seeking lower account minimums and additional educational resources.

FXOPEN also offers a PAMM service for investors who prefer professional asset management services.

Advertising materials

FXOpen offers its Introducing Brokers a wide range of advertising materials, including banners, brochures and other marketing collateral to help you more effectively market and attract clients.

Dedicated back-office support

FXOPEN's Partner Services team is dedicated to providing full account management support to our IB clients.

How to Get Started

  • Open a trading account with FXOpen;
  • Login to "My FXOpen". You will see your referral link on the Homepage;
  • Start to advertise* your referral link

To get FXOpen advertising materials please login to CRM with the same access details as for
My FXOpen” and visit Partnership page.

The IB program offers better chances for earnings and aims at long-term partnership with Forex professionals.

Unlike Affiliate, Introducing Brokers are required to sign a contract with FXOpen under more flexible working terms to make cooperation closer.

“The easiest way to make money in Forex is to become an FXOpen agent. No risk, no experience requirements and no expenses!”

Payment Terms:
  • FXOpen is ready to discuss specific terms on the individual basis;
  • Up to 1.5 pips commission from the referral’s trades in Micro/Standard accounts and up to 5.4 pips (using 5th decimal pricing) on STP;
  • Payments on ECN accounts make up to 50% of FXOpen ECN commission and up to 50% of Standard commission on Crypto;
  • Commission will be added automatically to your account once a day for all trades made by your referrals during the day;
  • Information regarding referrals and commissions can be found in the “MyFXOpen” personal area.

“As soon as you gain your first profits you’ll have no doubt that it’s a good partnership!”

See the detailed table of partner’s remuneration.

Why Partner Up with FXOpen:

How to Become our Partner:

  • Open an eWallet and a trading account with FXOpen;
  • Log in the My FXOpen personal area and see your personal unique referral link in the Partnership → Referral Links section;
  • Use your referral link or a banner by posting on the Forex-related Web site, blog, forum, etc. Clients, following your link to open an account, will automatically become your referrals;
  • build up your own network of agents and clients, receive partnership commission and benefit from the Loyalty program!

Interested in FXOpen partnership program?

Contact our partnership manager for more information and get optimal conditions for cooperation!

FXOpen's many years of experience in the online trading business and accumulated knowledge of the markets and the needs of clients translates into a proven success formula for White Label partnership.

The White Label partners program provides excellent technologies enabling multi-asset trading on a single platform combined with the processes, strategies and marketing support necessary to build a solid business.

FXOpen’s partnership program is based on a holistic approach helping grow a partner’s entire business, where a partner receives a tailor-made package to quickly launch, effectively market, run and optimise their online trading business.

White Label offering entails the following key elements designed to accelerate growth:

Cutting-edge platform & products:
  • MetaTrader 4 (MT4) – world’s most popular trading platform with unprecedentedly user-friendly, flexible and illustrative interface and ability to use Expert Advisors (APIs).
  • True ECN environment - direct access via MT4 to Marketplace where you can trade with other traders and your orders are actually displayed in the market and are seen by others, who in turn can introduce their own orders and if the prices match, a deal is complete.
  • PAMM account — a trading account that consists of unlimited Managed accounts, representing an independent and unified trading structure, which is controlled only by the Manager of the PAMM account. It is a technical solution that helps to automate profit/loss distribution, eliminate human error and allows Money Managers to manage multiple Investors accounts via one centralized MT4 interface.

Other advantages:

  • Spreads — starting from 0.5 pips on EUR/USD.
  • Minimum deposit for micro accounts — only $1.
  • Minimum deposit for standard accounts — only $25.
  • Minimum deposit for ECN/STP accounts — only $1000.
  • Margin leverage from 1:1 up to 1:500.
  • Free unlimited demo accounts available.
  • Technical research and market news available regularly.
  • Bonuses on new accounts.
  • Trading contests.
  • Super-fast execution
  • Level II software for ECN/STP accounts
  • MetaTrader 4 PDA platform.
  • MetaTrader 4 Smart Phone platform.
  • Islamic accounts.

Want to learn more?

Click on the button below to tell us a little about yourself, and we'll get in contact with you as soon as possible.

We look forward to working with you and discussing this program in further detail.

Seeing the need for a new investing tool that can make cooperation between Money Managers and Investors more effective, honest, flexible and transparent, FXOpen has put its best efforts to develop and bring to you an innovative Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) together with the ability to trade in true ECN environment on a world’s most popular trading platform MetaTrader 4.

General Overview

PAMM account – a technical solution that helps to automatize profit/loss distribution, eliminate human error and allows Money Managers to manage multiple Investors accounts via one centralized MT4 interface.

True ECN environment – direct access to Marketplace where you can trade with other traders and your orders are actually displayed in the market and are seen by others, who in turn can introduce their own orders and if the prices match, a deal is complete.

MetaTrader 4 – the most popular and prominent trading platform with unprecedentedly user-friendly, flexible and illustrative interface and ability to use Expert Advisors (EAs) to automate trading decisions.

  • Ultra low spreads
  • Unlimited liquidity
  • Instant execution
  • Partial execution available
  • No conflict of interests
  • No re-quotes
  • Market Depth
  • Expert Advisors available
  • Scalping welcomed
FXOpen is the first broker to successfully combine all these features in one product:
PAMM ECN MT4 service

Main features:

Unlimited number of clients as one unit

With FXOpen’s PAMM service the Manager can organize an unlimited number of his clients together and trade their funds as one unit.

Multiple offers with different conditions

The PAMM service allows the Manager to set up multiple offers with different conditions for investors with various capital and risk profiles.

Automatic results distribution

The PAMM service keeps each Investor’s account record individually and the gains and losses are automatically distributed by FXOpen between the Manager and his Investors on a percentage basis so that each party receives its percentage rate of return. It guarantees that the share of profit and fees will be paid to the Manager strictly on time and according to the offer conditions, upon which he and his investors have agreed. So you can concentrate on what really matters - Trading for your clients!

Illustrative and user-friendly performance monitoring system

It now becomes extremely easy to attract clients with our unprecedentedly illustrative and user-friendly managers’ performance monitoring system with which you can easily tap into FXOpen’s enormous client base (over 217,000 live traders). Potential investors will make their choice based on performance charts that display your past trading results.

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